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August 2021

L'Atelier Dagà Clos

"Gastronomic craftsmanship from humility"

The story of Lluís Dagà and Iris Clos, the owners of L'Atelier Dagà Clos in Llagostera, is much more than a love story. They decided to make this restaurant their life. They built it, renovated it, started their own vegetable garden... It's their philosophy of life.

Lluís Dagà is a well-known old man in the gastronomic world, despite being 34 years old

February 2023

" Lluís Dagà is one of the leaders of a new restoration of a humanist nature that is quietly opening paths outside the big cities, stripping itself of the slab of previous models in which personal life was condemned to ostracism.

As head chef at Motel Empordà, he had a leadership position to follow the path of the most orthodox big names,(...)

You decided to relearn how to cook to savor the reward of unlimited energy from those who love you the most. Now, he runs a small room on the ground floor, fills a cellar full of superlative wines (...)"

Screenshot 2024-06-21 195644.png

06 November 2023

Talk and round table at the Gastronomic Forum in Barcelona.

"Target decrease"

11-13 March 2024

Ens entaulem al restaurant L'Atelier Dagà Clos per gaudir del menjar que ens dona la terra del seu entorn cuinat de manera tradicional i aplicant-hi els nous coneixements i tècniques. Lluís Dagà, cuiner i copropietari, ens obre les portes del seu establiment i ens en presenta la carta.


November 2023

És una foto històrica i no serà la única. Són cuiners joves per sota dels 40 anys. Volem visualitzar el futur de la gastronomia i hem fet una primera radiografia. Apassionats, ben formats i desacomplexats, tots han passat per algunes de les millors cuines del món. (...)

11-13 March 2024

NEXT GENERATION · Talk and round table at the Girona Gastronomic Forum.

How the new generations experience restoration.

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